From Cannes Fashion Week to the CFF

The Cannes Film Festival idea started in 1939. The creation of the film festival was due to the Mostra changing award winners’ just hours before they announced the winners. This was caused by pressure from Mussolini and Hitler.

The shock of the winners of the Mostra caused Philippe Erlanger to start planning a free film festival that had no constraints and no pressure. He would receive approval for a festival from Jean Zay, who was the head of the French Ministry of Education at the time. The International Film Festival started on September 1st, 1939 in Cannes, which was the same time as the Venice Film Festival.

This was no doubt the first seed of Cannes Fashion Week.

The Second Festival

The second time that the film festival happened was in 1946 after World War II had ended. Philippe had started talking about the idea again in July 1945. At the time, the French Government did not have the money to host the festival. The next year he tried again, and this time the festival was held. The festival was a huge hit, which started a long era that made Cannes and the film festival the place to be seen as a movie director and a star.

Festivals in the Cold War

During the time between World War II and the Cold War, the Cannes Film Festival had made a name for itself. The festival would see thousands of journalists and stars attending it. However, the peace did not last. The East and West were at odds again. The Americans who attended the film festival would receive special treatment because they provided financial assistance. However, many countries took notice and did not like this.

The Downfall of the Cannes Fortress

In May of 1968, France had become overcome with a deep social malaise. Many of the demonstrations were held in Paris, but it spread to other areas. The police became more intense as the days went by and a crackdown was reinforced on the night of May 10 into May 11th. Even with the shockwaves in France on the night before paralyzing the country, the festival opened on May 11th, 1968. It was meant to continue until May 25. During the festival, a restored version of Gone with the Wind had been scheduled to be shown. However, on May 18th, producers and directors called for the festival to be closed. The festival would be closed at noon the next day.

The 1990s changed the Festival

The dawn of the 21st century changed the cinema and the festival. The keyword for film festivals during this time became promotion. There were a lot of controversies about who was attending, especially American actors. Most Americans were boycotting the film festival to protest the GATT accords. Sharon Stone was one of the American actors and actresses who got a name for showing up at many controversial shows at the time.

Today, Cannes Film Festival is not just about the films that are being shown. Many movie stars show off the latest fashion trends and talk about other projects that they are working on. This festival has a long history and plays a huge part in the creation of other independent film festivals.

And that became the impetus for a new series of shows to help dress celebrities on the red carpet, for buyers and the media, known today as Cannes Fashion Week.