The French Riviera style is known as the playground of the affluent people.  However, this does not necessarily mean that the average people can no longer enjoy this unique style.  It is a fashion style that is a healthy mixture of Parisian chic and nautical.  To guide you in dressing the Riviera style, here are a few key aspects that you will have to remember.

French Riviera Style is a Minimalistic Approach

Cream, beige and white are the prevalent tone in this fashion style.  Choose your garments based on its color with an intricate tailoring and detailed chic design.  Wearing a tender shorts and loose blouse is the perfect look when you are planning to have your morning dose of coffee at a seaside restaurant.  Neutral shades will go a long way; this is due to their capacity to reflect the heat of the sunlight which will keep the wearer cool. When you are planning to wear a knitted shirt, the navy tone will also complement your shirt.  Style and comfort is a perfect match on Riviera style.

Standard Stripe

The Breton stripe can be found all over the street and beaches of French Riviera.  Classic stripe would be a trademark of this fashion style.  You may match it with cropped pants, or you may want to achieve a more feminine style by wearing a striped dress.


The tassel loafer is still the ideal Riviera footwear.  The burnished calf is ideal to wear during the morning, and the cordovan leather is perfect for evening functions.  There is just no replacement with a tassel loafer.  For the perfect footwear at the beach, an espadrille that has a suede or canvas finish will stand out against a standard flip flops.  When choosing footwear on the beach, avoid wearing flip flops.


Culottes are undoubtedly a perfect fashion piece.  It is comfortable and dressy, and it does not require any accessories to accentuate your clothing.  It is also the perfect alternative for the full skirt particularly if you are worried about the strong wind at the beach.  Pair it with a form-fitting piece that will make your clothing flattering.

White Top and Denim Skirt

The denim skirt is also a trending piece on this fashion style like the skirts with button fronts.  That button front creates a vertical line which will create the trick that you are taller especially if you are wearing a midi denim skirt.  Matching it with a fresh white top while make it look gorgeous that is perfect when walking on the cobbled streets of Riviera.  It creates a perfect blend of feminine and casual chic style.

Finally, you may not believe it, but your hair can complete your overall Riviera look.  Side-part hairstyle that hides both of your ears will give you a different look than having your hair slipped behind your ears.  You may also add a brimmed star hat or fedora that will make your outfit ready for this summer.